e-CODOMH cluster for Sustainable Constructions, Buildings and Infrastractures, was founded in 2021. e-CODOMH is a cluster of dynamic enterprises of construction sector and research organizations, that aims at upgrading entrepreneurship, through promoting sustainable development and boosting added value through innovative and cooperative projects. e-CODOMH cluster collaborates with a number of research organizations and Greek associations of industries.

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1311, 2022

Built to Grow: Insights on AEC Buyer Behavior During the Infrastructure Decade (Free Webinar)

Explore how AEC firms are found, vetted and selected today in the latest research-webinar from Hinge, on Thursday 17 November, 2022. Today’s buyers of AEC services have changed. But have you noticed? After two years of marketplace turmoil, the way companies buy architecture, engineering and construction services has evolved. But in what ways? And what does this mean for firms like yours? In the just-released edition of our ongoing [...]

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