Corporate Governance

General Assembly

General Assembly is the supreme body of e-CODOMH cluster, which decides on cluster’s affairs and elects the Administrators.


Administrators of e-CODOMH cluster are five members (5) with a three-year term duty. One of the Administrators is a representative of all the Collaborating Members, while in the first six years since the establishment of e-CODOMH cluster, one of the members of the Administrators comes from the Auxiliary Body (MIRTEC SA). The Administrators prepare the program of the Company’s actions, the annual financial budget and report, the annual report of the activities and propose to the General Assembly issues of an economic, developmental and operational nature.

Partners and associate members

Business Partners are national and international companies in the field of structural materials, constructions or in relative areas, that use applications of the materials’ science and in particular of building materials.

Associate Members are mainly research institutions, universities and other technological bodies of the public sector, as well as associations and companies both domestic and from abroad.

Auxiliary Body

Mirtec SA, as an Auxiliary Body, supports and promotes the actions of e-CODOMH cluster. It has a key role at the inception, growth, management, networking and projection of e- CODOMH cluster in Greece and abroad.