Key figures

Key figures of Construction sector

The construction industry includes a wide range of productive activities related to infrastructure projects, construction projects and construction / maintenance of buildings as well as other specialized construction activities related to cultural heritage. The value chain of construction industry also includes the extraction of raw materials, the processing of construction and other materials and also their trade.

In Greece, the construction sector was significantly affected by the economic downturn (decrease of 80.40% for the GVA for 2008-2017 and 50.69% for employment for the sector, loss of ~ 51% of its value added in the period 2007-2017), while internationally oriented companies continued to export a significant part of their production, but faced strong competition. Nowadays, construction industry is a strategic sector for the development of National Economy for the near future.

Areas of interest

Focus on the following areas, which aredominant trends of the construction sector and are expected to play a key role in business survival and development:

Environmental Sustainability (GREEN)

Promote the implementation of low carbon materials, energy efficient processes and circular economy throughout the life cycle stages of industrial structures, buildings, infrastructures and historical heritage, in order to reduce, CO 2 emissions and achieve near zero energy and low energy buildings.

Β. Digitalization in the construction sector and pre –construction (SMART –EASY).

Digitalization at the construction processes through technologies such as 3D scanning, IoT, 3D printing, BIM etc. at any point of the building’s lifecycle and automation of the production processes, could lead to innovative, smart and easy-to assemble- constructions.