Mission of Cluster e-CODOMH


e-CODOMH’s mission is to upgrade entrepreneurship and create an added value in the Greek construction sector. An ecosystem, based on quality, innovation and knowledge of new materials and technologies utilization, acts as a driver of addressing contemporary challenges of high value added products and services.

e-CODOMH cluster is a concentrated, competitive and cooperative group of companies, organizations, research and educational institutes operating in the construction and building material sector, aimed at the acceleration of development and innovation through:

Business Innovation and Sustainable Development

Recognition and promotion of technological, economic and social trends in the construction industry, at National, European and International level with emphasis on the objectives and decisions of the EU, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote environmental sustainable development. Active participation and contribution in the formulation of national policy for the construction sector, as a main pillar of the Greek economy, in terms of international competitiveness and environmental sustainability

Industrial research and Innovation

Deployment opportunities for cooperation and participation in research activities and co-funded national, European and other projects, as well as support and promotion of research activities and innovation regarding the development of new products, the application of new production methods, and the marketing of company members in national and international level.


Networking and access to finance

Creating access to funding and collaboration opportunities, strengthening extroversion and connecting with financial and investment partners and knowledge- intensive business, with the aim of upgrading and enlarging the market of Greek companies of the construction sector.


Training and Up-Skills

Compliance with European directives and guidelines, through scientific support and training actions, on issues such as: quality, environmental protection, sustainability, energy efficiency, hygiene and safety.


Regulatory Guidance of Testing and Certification

Actions for Quality Assurance & Certification, Quality & Safety solutions with the applicable standards for materials, buildings and infrastructure.